The game is set in the U-topia metaverse, which will be habituated by 12,000 avatars initially. They can hold different pockies like Unique Pockies (Male, Female, Non-Binary), Peregrinus, and Mutations (the super rare kind). 

The pockies can be bought at the marketplace. Each pocky can breed with another pocky to produce two offsprings, and they, in turn, can produce 2 pockies each and it continues with every generation. 

The avatars are customizable. So, if you have created a male avatar, it can be changed to female, etc. But avatars need pockies to progress in the game. Pockies act as a private key that connects your avatar to the world. 


There are 3 sub-kinds of the unique pocky class: Male, Female and Non-Binary. All of which will be available to purchase in the marketplace. But if your goal is to breed, you should set your eyes on non-binary, since they are the only ones, you can match with peregrinus for breeding Mutations. Male and females can also breed, but for breeding mutations, you need to have non-binary with peregrinus. 

Peregrinus is the second class of pockies in Utopia. Peregrinus has less population, thus rarer, compared to unique pockies, so be sure to avail of one in the marketplace if you want to put your hand into breeding. 

Mutations are the third kind of pockies (super rare). These citizens are not available in the marketplace and can only be created through breeding a non-binary pocky and a peregrinus. But even by breeding, the chances of creating a mutation are low, making it the rarest citizens in Utopia. 

The Metaverse 

Orego is the starting point for all new players. This small arbitrary magical island is where new players will be able to gain skills and level up. After reaching a certain level, players will be forced to sail out of Orego in dystopia. But players should be ready because when they leave Orego, the world outside Orego is a cruel one. 

When players go out of Orego, the horrendous world of Dystopia awaits them, here the players have to survive other players on their travel to Utopia. They have to kill other players in the way. If they kill other players, they receive their assets and NFTs automatically. 

This floating city in the sky that resembles perfection is the ultimate destination for all players. Here, players will be able to deposit their in-game items and/or their valuable NFTs lowering the risk of it being stolen if they ever die in battle. 

States of Pocky 


When a player buys a pocky from the marketplace, it is in stage 1. In this stage, you can both breed the pocky or just stake it in the Utopia incubator. For staking it, you would receive a set number of U-coins every month from the Utopia protocol 


You have to ally with another player for breeding. One player’s pocky can mate with another player’s pocky and breed. One pocky can only have two generations. If you need more, then you have to buy more pockies. 


If you want to move out of Orego and get in the action, attach one pocky to your character. Once attached, it is attached forever with the character. 

Unique Proof-of-Stake 

When you stake a pocky or the offspring of a Pocky in Utopia Incubator, you receive a set number of coins from the Utopia Protocol every month, because you have a POS (Proof-of-Stake). But with each generation, the worth you receive get lesser than the original. There will be 1,000,000,000 U-coins in total for Proof-of-Stake. 


There will be 12000 NFTs in total. The NFTs will be sold or provided as rewards in the game. Some NFTs will be for ATS labs (the developers of the game) and 1000 NFTs will be giveaways for those who invest in the venture. 


The play-to-earn business model is becoming one of the best business models in the gaming industry now. Players can monetize the NFT items that they gain in-game and sell them in the game marketplace.