Polyglot (Meaning: A person who can understand and speak several languages) is a psychological thriller that tackles Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Its protagonist will be a polyglot who is also a patient of DID. He and his friend gets entangled in a series of disappearances of young women. A mix of suspense, live-action, and dark themes to keep the audience at the edge of their seat on each episode. The series will feature distinct cultures and ethnicities in every episode. It aims to beat the record for the most number of languages used per episode and be the first NFT Web series in the world. The protagonist Jacob speaks 26 languages himself.
However, the thing to notice here is that it isn’t just a web series. It is a first-of-its-kind NFT web series. Each episode would have some scenes which will be made NFTs, which can be bought and sold. There will be two kinds of tokens:

Ownership Tokens
There will be only three ownership tokens released which divides the shares of the series into three parts of 33.3 %, 33.3%, and 33.4%. The first part is reserved for Emmanuel Quezada, the producer of Polyglot. The second part will be an ITO (Initial Token Offering), earnings from the auction will be used to finance the series. A third part can be bought by any common person, whoever buys it would be the holder of 33.4% shares of the venture. That means each time company makes a profit, they would receive a royalty. These tokens are artistically unique collectible ownership certificates. They hold zero administration, governance rights, or intellectual property, but are tied to revenues from the series.

Content Tokens
Content tokens will be snippets of important scenes that have some sort of attachment with the audience e.g. a romance scene. The people who buy these tokens will have a say in the progression of the story. If, for example, a person buys all the tokens available and burns some of them, then they will be burned forever making the rest of them even rarer and thus would cause soaring prices due to bidding wars.