Metaway aims to build a platform where we will promote and highlight pragmatic human attributes and foster a community of camaraderie to offer the people a taste of virtual utopia. It is a virtual platform where investors, entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens alike can leverage themselves to the fast-growing market of the metaverse. We aim to educate the not so tech-savvy people, investors, and entrepreneurs alike about the developments and latest happenings in the world of NFTs, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies by publishing meaningful, well-articulated, and interesting to read articles accompanied by eye-pleasing graphic designs. Through our content, we want to educate and shift the perspective of the readers that the adoption of the metaverse is not a matter of “IF it will happen”, but rather “WHEN will it happen”.

The Unique thing about the magazine is that in every edition, a budding new artist’s best works will be featured. The purpose of doing so is to put the niche artists on the horizon so that people get to know them, and maybe potentially attract buyers for their artworks. We understand the value of publicity so we strive to put crypto artists on the fore too.

This magazine is a community space for creators – you will have the power to build the magazine with us, so, seize the chance to collect NFT covers created by booming Crypto artists.

At the end of the purchasing period, we’ll make sold NFTs even more rare by burning the unsold supply. Buying an issue will make you a holder of a unique NFT art made by rising or major crypto artists. You will only be able to access and read the contents of the issue once you obtain the NFT. Becoming an NFT holder will give you a chance to collaborate in creating the NFT magazine. You add value to the magazine.

A percentage of each NFT sale will be allotted for community benefits, e.g. Online events, merch, etc. The NFT buyers will be able to participate in the creation of the magazine by voting on which content topics, featured artists will come in the magazine. The community would vote on which works should be published. Collectors who would collect all the 12 editions of the magazine would receive a special prize.